Why Love?

We never meant to start a salad dressing company.

What we created was a great new taste sensation to serve with our grilled wild salmon and salad at local farmers markets. What happened next totally took us by surprise.

Customers begged to take home our dressing after they tasted Lemon Love on their salads. We sold Lemon Love to customers in soup cups. When customers were driving over 100 miles to get a cup of Lemon Love Dressing we decided to take the big step of bottling our dressing.

The small farmers market booth grew to a restaurant. Customers loved the Love but they wanted something new. So, we created Tangerine Tango, Bing Cherry Balsamic and Cilantro Lime salad dressings.

Lemon Love Dressings are something that many other dressings are not. Lemon Love Dressings are all natural. Rather than create a dressing that was the same old same old we created dressings that focus on the flavor of fresh fruits. Watch for our new flavors coming soon: White Balsamic Grapefruit, Huckleberry Love and Lemon Caesar.

Lemon Love Dressings ingredients are gluten and dairy free. Our Bing Cherry Balsamic is Vegan.

Bringing Love to the People is what we do! Our Love is all natural and free of any fake stuff….just like Love should be.


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